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Once upon a time at the dawn of civilization, a hopeful new adventurer walks into a small village called "Ur". You are that adventurer.

You have no possessions to speak of, so you'll have to live off the land for a while.

The most immediate dangers you face right now are getting lost, and dying of thirst or hunger.

The Obelisk
Obelisk A large, black obelisk is visible from a great distance away. Due to its size, distinctive appearance and convenient central location, it's an ideal landmark to find your way home should you get lost. At first, make sure you don't go beyond the range of the Obelisk. So that when you want to get back to town, simply go towards the obelisk until you're there.

Wells and Puddles
Well and Natural Water Source If you get thirsty, look for a well or a natural water source. You can drink (drink well) repeatedly from them to quench your thirst.

Apple Trees
Apple tree Apple trees will be very important to you in your early adventuring days. When you are hungry, you can go to an apple tree and take apples from it (take apple tree) to stuff yourself (eat apple). You can also carry apples and branches to town and sell them for some coins.

To become a more effective hunter/gatherer, you should sell resources to shops and buy goods from them. Each shop type has a specialty.

Weaver This artist weaves fine textiles mostly from wool and reeds. Buying a basket and other containers from him will help you carry far more than with your bare hands, and a good tunic will help your social standing and overall health.

Cook The cook deals in all sorts of food.  He will usually give you a fair price for your apples, wheat, and raw meat. His wares include fresh bread, tasty apple pie, and tender roasted meat.

Leather Worker
Leather Worker Back in town after a long journey to improve his skills, the leather worker is more popular than ever. His beltpouches and backpacks were always favorites among those who could afford them, and he now offers a variety of leather armors as well. While most of his goods are expensive, basic sandals are more affordable and well worth their cost for anyone doing much travel.

Carver The carver makes quality tools from wood, flint, antlers, horn and ivory. This is where you want to bring your apple tree branches, as he usually pays well for them due to the high demand, and where you can buy the tools to become a woodcutter, hunter, etc. A wooden staff doesn't cost terribly much and helps movement for long treks through the wilderness.

Market Buys and sells anything, but you can usually get better prices from the appropriate craftsman. Sometimes you can make good money just buying resources from the market and selling them to the craftsmen, or buying goods from the craftsmen and selling them at the market.

While this should be enough to get you started, you should read more about the commands. Also, there is much you can learn from advanced players which can easily be recognized by their expensive equipment, and reading about the game isn't as much fun as playing it. Good luck, and have fun.

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