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Basic Commands:

How to use the Commands:

A Command is a word or a combination of words that the player can use to give direction to his avatar or to communicate with other players.
  • Simply type the command followed by an object, creature or text, if required.
    ex. 1:   [sleep]
    ex. 2:   [eat apple]
    ex. 3:   [hit wolf]
    ex. 4:   [say hello]

  • All commands/socials should be typed in lower case letters.

  • You do not have to type the whole word, you may enter only the first few letters.

    ex. 1:   [l] for look
    ex. 2:   [eq] for equipment
    ex. 3:   [n] for north
    ex. 4:   [say hello]

  • If there are 2 objects with the same keyword, you can refer the the first one with "1." and the 2nd one with "2." and so on.

    For example, if you have three bags:
    [look in 1.bag] to look in the first,
    [look in 2.bag] to look in the second,
    [look in 3.bag] to look in the third bag.

  • If you have 2 objects with similar names, it is often better to use a distinguishing keyword rather than the name.

    For example, if you have a green apple, a yellow apple and a red apple in your bag:
    [take green bag] takes out the green apple
    [take yellow bag] takes out the yellow apple
    [take red bag] takes out the red apple


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