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Thu Oct 9 11:54:21 PDT 2008
After over a year, UrMud is finally back. Enjoy.
Still here
Thu Feb 2 18:58:34 PST 2006
Made a few changes to the website.
Santa is coming!
Sat Dec 11 01:22:03 PST 2002
I decided the website was due for an overhaul.

I'm starting by making some pages wider, but keep an eye out for more
over the next few weeks.

I'm also working a bit on the game itself, and getting some things
ready for christmas. Yes, that means there will decorations from
christmas to new years, although I haven't yet decided what events
I will organize or when they should be.

New Version
Sat Nov 2 20:24:25 PST 2002
I always forget to update this thing when I put a new version up...

Except today.

o Made crafting easier.
o Lowered the idle limit so we'll have less 'ghosts'.

New Version
Sat Sep 15 16:38:23 2001
Sorry for the lack of updates, had computer problems.

Added some sites to the links page.

Don't forget to vote for us!

Old News
Sat Aug 24 21:39:12 2002
Ok, the news page is officially dead.

I give up. I keep forgetting to update it. I'm too busy working on the code I guess, lots of new stuff like crafting and fishing...

New Version
Sun Aug 5 16:05:44 2001
Ack! Forgot to keep this page updated for a long time!

Quite a bit of new stuff I haven't been adding...

Anyway, the registration scripts were broken for the last
few weeks but they're working again.

New Version
Wed Feb 13:22:52 2001
New version, with the usual bug fixes and optimizations.

New Version
Tue Jan 30 15:20:33 2001
New version, with a few bug fixes and more optimization.

New Version
Mon Jan 15 00:26:21 2001
New version, no real new features but a LOT of optimization,
it should be pretty much lagless now.

New Version
Thu Dec 12 17:14:19 2000
New version up, a few bugs fixed including the damage bug.

Added more water puddles, increased wheat and reed generation rates.

Added a "target" command. If you target a creature,
you can see its movements and can hit and throw weapons
without having to mention which creature you're attacking.

We're also starting the Land Ownership test, you may want
to look into it if you have over 20k gold and some junk to store.
You can grant access to your tent to others, so if you wanted
to start a Clan or other group you can now do so.

If you want to buy a tent, contact us.

New Version
Sun Nov 26 22:38:01 2000
Eek! Forgot to keep this page updated the last 2 months or so!

Anyway, we have a new version online, featuring trees that actually grow!

We also fixed a few bugs, increased the world's growth rate,
and did some optimization which should significantly reduce
processing lag.

New Version
Sun Sep 24 12:08:23 2000
New version of the mud online, featuring guest entry, a new "throw" command to throw weapons at your prey, and a few more bug fixes.
News Page
Sun Sep 24 12:04:17 2000
We now have a news page! (as if you may have noticed )
New Version
Tue Oct 24 14:33:31 2000
Sorry for the long delay since the last update, we've been busy making a new version, with the following features:
  • The leather worker is back!
  • A few new items at the weaver's
  • Tunics now help your regeneration rate (but they wear out)
  • Staffs, spears, sandals and boots help you walk (but they wear out)
  • Improved market adjustment system, so prices vary less
  • Players idle for over 10 mins get logged out automatically
  • Foreground and background COLORS for the scrolling text area

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