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We are pleased to recommend the following players sites, on which you may find more information.

Please note that those web sites are maintained by other parties, and that UrMud is not responsible for them.

Sponsor Sites

UrMud Sites

UrTips is a site dedicated to helping out "newbies" to UrMud, and helping out the old players. It will soon have guides for everything imaginable in the game and a piles of tips. [forum]

UrPub (site unavailable) - Good source of information concerning the various objects and creatures in UrMud.

David's UrMud site - UrMud news and strategy.

Wild1234's UrMud site - Strategies, game tips and commands.

UrMud Clans

Moonstone Guardians homepage - UrMud's oldest clan. They have their own forum as well.

Lightfoot Tribe homepage - UrMud's latest clan.

Mud Sites

Other Sites

RoR complete - An Age of Empires: Rise of Rome site aiming to bring new life to a now classic game, by giving more control to its players. If you play Age of Empires, be sure to check out the petition for a bugfix and balance patch.

If you want your site added to this page, contact us.

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