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UrMud title Ur Mud.com is an online multiplayer action/roleplaying game set at the dawn of civilization and  agriculture.

UrMud is an ongoing adventure, which means at any time you can leave and continue later, and there is no real "end". You can compare yourself with other players, which are also trying to become more powerful, to see if you're "winning".

If you always felt you would make a good cro-magnon hunter, you can test your survival skills in this evolving world. If you wished you could change the past and make your mark on history, this is your chance. UrMud is also a friendly community that you can be part of.

Like in real life UrMud has no pre-set goal, but most use wealth and fame as a measure of a person's achievements. While many hunt as a means of obtaining wealth and fame, sometimes other ways can be safer and more profitable.

There's lots of ways to make money in UrMud. Gathering doesn't require much and is relatively safe, so it's good when you start. Chopping trees brings in more money, but you need an axe. Various types of hunting can be lucrative, but are also risky and require a much higher investment. Trade doesn't require you to wander as much as gathering, but you need money to buy the merchandise and if the prices change, you might lose money instead of making a profit. Later owning stores, farming, mining, various crafts, highway robbery, bounty hunting, and many other jobs will be added to your options.

The map is huge, with more surface than Jupiter on a 1 foot/tile scale! You could walk for 50 real years, day and night before reaching the edge of the world, and you'd still have a lot of walking to do to explore everything!

And, of course, UrMud is free. There is no starting fee, no monthly cost, no hourly cost, or any other drain on your pocketbook. Just some lost sleep due to staying up nights playing this great game. :o)

The world of UrMud isn't static, it's constantly changing. The grass grows, the creatures eat plants and each other, the market prices change. The villagers aren't just mindlessly wandering for no reason, they're busy working to get richer, much like players do.

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